Shipping software is now an essential component of the online business. When shoppers purchase products online, they want an assurance that they will receive their purchases before proceeding on with payment processing. In case they have some doubt, they will click the exit button leaving you with cart abandonment crisis.  Also, managing your inventories is crucial to ensure that what your customer orders is available in your store. If not, you can display such information notifying them it is out of stock. However, without a reliable and dependable shipping solution, this can remain as a dream in your thoughts. Here are the must-have features for shipping software:

Multi-carrier shipping rate comparisons

As you prepare to ship goods sold on the online platform, you want to use a carrier who is reliable and affordable. Also, your goal is to ensure your carrier or multi carrier will deliver the item at a strategic point convenient for the buyer collection. As such, the shipping solution of choice should have the capability of enabling you to compare various shipping rates of carriers to deliver an item to a local or international destination. Such information will be essential in making your shipment decisions. Also, it will help you to opt for the most cost-effective alternative.

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Integration abilities

The overall goal of obtaining shipping software is to enable you to track your delivery shipment from your e-commerce site or online store until they arrive at the customers’ destination. In this essence, you need a solution that will integrate with your business operations and systems. The stand-alone software can be a bad idea as you may be required to do a repetitive data entry work.  As such, you will require a solution that can integrate with major online market platforms like Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and so on. Also, it should be able to integrate with your ERP, points of sale and inventory management systems to ensure a smooth flow of operations in your business.

Packing slips and shipping labeling printing

Your shipping software should have the ability to generate packaging slips as well as shipping labeling. The two items are essential in ensuring quick and timely shipment of your orders. As you know, humans are prone to errors. When you make a mistake during the labeling phase, it is likely that the buyer will not receive their order at the right time. Also, you will incur additional cost for failing to meet your obligation. For this reason, you have to ensure that your software of choice enables you to generate correct packaging slips and printing shipping labels.

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