Are you having challenges in order fulfillment when it is the shipping time? With the advanced technology, automation of tasks that were done manually in past days is recommendable. On business, automating your order fulfillment and shipping eliminates human errors and enhance efficiency. Also, automation of these tasks enhances time-saving. In an era where customers are seeking for fast and accurate services, you must up your game when it comes to ordering fulfillment. No customer is willing to wait for a month to receive a product when an option of getting it within one or two days is available. In this regard, as a small business operator, you need to integrate order fulfillment software in your online store. Here are the top three:

Fishbowl inventory

Are you using the QuickBooks platform in your business? This order fulfillment solution integrates well with this platform. The solution has wireless barcoding that allows you to manage your inventories successfully.  You can track your items using their barcodes.

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How to Manage Shipping Online

Also, when it comes to managing online shipping, the software has integration abilities as you can connect it with both FedEx and UPS multi-carriers. This allows you to track and monitor your products in their shipment process.  Besides, you can integrate it with your shopping carts and credit cards. Again, you do not have to pay before you test it. The solution offers you a free trial option to enhance your decision-making process.

Biz Automation

Nothing is luxurious than the ability to manage your order fulfillment process regardless of where you are at the moment. With Biz Automation, you can do this even when on holiday, or in an international conference. Biz automation is cloud-based order fulfillment software that offers you real-time capabilities. The solution integrates well with Google apps and customer relations management system. As you know, order fulfillment is a critical part of online shipping management. Hence, this tool enables you to streamline your shipping processes through the timely fulfillment of orders.


Do you have multiple inventories that you want to track as you prepare your shipment orders? Megaventory is order fulfillment software that allows you to manage up to ten inventories at a go. This means that you can manage different warehouse at one location. The solution is essential in preparing your shipment by ensuring timely order fulfillment. Also, it is cloud-based enabling you to perform real-time fulfillment. Hence, it eliminates warehouse delays that can affect the shipping process.

And those are the top three order fulfillment software that a small business can use to enhance their shipping process.

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